What We do for Our Community

Our projects include raising money to buy food cards, 99 cent cards and Target cards from local supermarkets and giving them to LAUSD counselors so they can distribute them accordingly to the needs of the students. We do this by working hand in hand with local small businesses in the community and creating fundraising campaigns to raise money. This not only raisers money for the students and their families but it also promotes small businesses in the community.

Our program is a community driven program that makes a meaningful impact on the lives of the students in need. the past 2 years we have e Worked with Super A grocery store in giving out 400 bags of groceries, 400 bottles of water and 400 chicken dinner plates for Easter. Distributed 100 Disneyland tickets to bring joy and create lasting memories for the students. Furthermore working with local small businesses we have established food pantries throughout the community, ensuring that individuals and families have access to essential nourishment. By providing these valuable resources, Nela United for Students fosters a sense of unity and support within the community, embodying the belief that everyone deserves opportunities for happiness, nourishment, and growth.

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