Helping Unhoused Students in Los Angeles

Nela United for Students is a program that provides essential support and assistance to students who are facing homelessness and financial hardship. With a mission to uplift and empower these students. Nela United for Students offers a range of vital resources to help alleviate their difficulties. One of the key initiatives of the program is distribution of local food cards. Recognizing the importance of proper nutrition for academic success, the program ensures students have access to nutritious meals by offering gift cards to local grocery stores Through its compassionate and thoughtful approach, Nela United for Students serves as a beacon of hope for students experiencing homelessness. By providing local food cards , WSS cards for new shoes , and Target cards for clothing, the program aims to uplift these students

and create an environment where they can drive academically and personally. Nela United for Students embodies the belief that every student deserves a chance to succeed, regardless of their circumstances , and strives to create a brighter future for those in need.

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